Nordimet®: simply designed with patients in mind

  • No button to press. Beneficial for patients with impaired manual dexterity1

  • Compact design to help minimise handling problems

  • Innovative click and gentle vibration confirming start and end of injection process

  • Viewing window indicates injection progress

  • Needle hidden from start to finish may aid with needle phobia

  • Ultra thin 29G, thin-walled, 5-bevel needle to minimise injection site discomfort


Nordimet® is activated in 2 simple steps:


Press the needle shield against the skin. First click confirms start of injection. Second click confirms end of injection.

A usability study* demonstrated1

of patients successfully injected Nordimet® in a ‘worst-case’ environment**

of patients described the injection process as simple

*Study included 42 RA patients and nurses/carers. Usability was based on a questionnaire with an adjusted 5-point Likert scale, with positive answers to closed questions defined as, for example, ‘Very useful’, ‘Useful’ or ‘Yes’.
** Dimmed light, TV or radio on, and phone ringing.

Intuitive for patients new to self-injection1*

Simple for existing subcutaneous methotrexate users2**

of patients new to self-injection were able to self-train on the Nordimet® device successfully by following the instructions for use1*
of existing subcutaneous methotrexate users were able to self-train using either the 2-minute Nordimet® training video or instructions for use2**
* Study included 42 RA patients new to self-injection and nurses/carers1
** Study of 33 patients who were administering subcutaneous methotrexate using a button-activated device, and invited to change to Nordimet®. Those who agreed were given the choice to self-train using the Nordimet® training video or to receive instruction from a rheumatology nurse2

Nordimet® is indicated for the treatment of:3

  • - active rheumatoid arthritis in adult patients,
  • - polyarthritic forms of severe, active juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), when the response to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) has been inadequate,
  • - severe recalcitrant disabling psoriasis, which is not adequately responsive to other forms of therapy such as phototherapy, psoralens and ultraviolet A (PUVA), and retinoids, and severe psoriatic arthritis in adult patients,
  • - induction of remission in moderate steroid-dependent Crohn's disease in adult patients, in combination with corticosteroids and for maintenance of remission, as monotherapy, in patients who have responded to methotrexate.

Nordimet®: a range of indications and presentations

8 presentations, in 2.5mg increments from 7.5mg to 25mg

  • The dose should be reduced to the lowest possible
    effective maintenance dose, once the desired therapeutic
    result is achieved

  • The recommended initial dose is 7.5mg
    once weekly, administered subcutaneously

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